A little bit
about me

I would never bore you with specific details of my life, but here’s a little bit of my life.

I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama by two wonderful parents and a great sis who came along later for the ride. I came into the world during a hurricane and some would say i’ve been full of wind ever since. But aren’t most Leos really?

I don’t care for guns but as you can see above I loved fake ones as a kid. My grandparents always made sure I had a couple quarters in my pocket for riding fake animals too.


I’ve always loved to draw.

Water clowns

I don’t like them. I don’t trust them.

taste in Blazers

It has improved dramatically (haircuts too).

Me & mr T

I met him in 5 o’clock traffic in front of the Art Institue of Chicago in the early 90’s. He said to me “stay in school, fool”. He actually called me “fool”.

Soul SUmmit

Lucky to have built, with three other DJs, the best and biggest monthly Soul/Funk dance party in the country.

My heart

Her name is Katie.

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