LSSI: Lutheran Social Services of Illinois


Fjord partnered with Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), the largest social service organization in the State of Illinois, to explore how technology could eliminate fragmentation and strengthen care coordination within the network that LSSI and 190 other Illinois social service organizations belong to. In this way, Fjord was able to bring design into a space, and to people, who generally aren’t its focus, putting service design and innovation at the heart of social services. I crafted the narrative based on the interview transcripts and art directed the shoots with live animation sequences.


I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you + team for this excellent case study. It’s a clear and compelling story, there are some good insights and specific solutions like the warm welcome, and it’s an excellent example of design doing good things in society. I also love the fact that the CEO says ‘how cool is that?’ Fabulous, congrats team and thank you for the work and the great story!

– Fjord Global Lead

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